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California law on unfair business practices

The California legislature has set out clear laws preventing unfair competition in business and guiding the path of those who seek legal recourse after experiencing such practices. Businesses that are found to have been engaged in unlawful, fraudulent or egregiously unfair actions may be subject to strict penalties and forced to pay compensation to the affected parties.

Misleading advertising is considered an unfair business act. Proposing to engage in unfair competition is also forbidden by law, and regulations apply equally to natural people, joint stock companies, corporations and other similar organizations. Specific and preventive relief may be available in some cases.

Individuals and corporations have many options to seek recourse when they believe that they have been subjected to unfair business practices. The court has a wide degree of discretion in the actions that they may take to prevent the enterprise in question from continuing their illegal behavior. It may impose orders and judgments on any person associated with the business, requiring their obedience, or it may place fines and financial penalties. The courts may also set deadlines and choose to appoint a receiver to take responsibility for the business in violation.

Any aggrieved businesses or individuals may have the right to seek compensation for the harm that had been done to their property and their enterprise. The assistance of an attorney may be helpful in any civil case that involves business law, contracts, allegations of fraud or the correct interpretation of the California Business and Professions Code. They may also be asked to represent their client's interests in court appearances, trials, negotiations or any other situations that their client may deem appropriate.

Source: CA Codes, "Business and Professions Code Section 17200-17210", December 02, 2014

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