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Remedies available when a contract is breached

Unfortunately, as most California business owners are aware, contracts are often breached in the course of engaging in transactions. When a breach occurs, it may be an immaterial one, which means it can easily be corrected, or a material one, which means it is so severe that the very terms of the contract have been violated. There are remedies available for either type of breach.

Breach of contract disputes

When you are involved in a contractual dispute in California, your attention will be taken away from continuing the growth and success of your business. These types of disputes can arise in many situations, and if they lead to litigation, they may take up a significant of your time and cause you great expense.

Examining why it is important to get all agreements in writing

Los Angeles businesses may be interested in an article discussing some of the reasons why agreements should be in writing rather than relying on oral contracts or "handshake deals." In the event that there is a disagreement later, much trouble can be avoided by having a written contract.

Licensing dispute over Bob Marley songs heard in California

There are often a variety of intellectual property and contract disputes revolving around popular media. Many of these disputes revolve around licensing agreements and licensing rights for use or distribution of products or materials.

Creative Solutions for Complex Legal Issues

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