Substantial Experience In Long Beach Partition Actions

A partition action may become necessary in cases where there are multiple owners of a piece of property who cannot agree on how it should be operated or whether it should be sold. Partition actions can be resolved in multiple ways. It is important that you have representation from an attorney with the ability to ensure that the method of resolution is in your best interests.

Understanding California Partition Actions

Generally speaking, there are two primary methods of dividing property in a partition action:

Partition by sale: In a partition by sale, the entire piece of property is sold and the proceeds divided among the owners proportionate to their ownership stake.

Partition by division: In a partition by division, the land is divided into parcels, which are split among the owners. The owners receive parcels that give them a share of the land equivalent to their ownership stake.

Long Beach attorney LaTorraca has over 40 years of legal experience and substantial experience in all aspects of partition matters from filing the initial action with the court to determining the need for and selection of a referee. He works closely with his clients to understand their goals and concerns as well as the opposing views of the other owners. He determines the best partition method for his clients’ situation and builds a sound argument in support of their objectives.

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