Do You Have A Property Or Boundary Dispute With Another Landowner?

Trespass, Prescriptive Easement, Boundary And Nuisance Disputes

Disputes often arise between owners sharing common real property boundaries as to the use of the other’s land. Sometimes an owner claims damages for another’s trespass upon his land and an issue arises as to the exact location of the common boundary.

Even when the boundary is not in issue, a neighbor may claim that he or she has acquired a right to use the other’s property by prescriptive easement. In addition, disputes can arise over one neighbor’s complaint of the unreasonable use of the other’s property that interferes with his or her enjoyment of his or her property.

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When it comes to easements, nuisance laws and more the legal issues can become very complicated. This is something that only the most experienced of real estate and property dispute lawyers should handle. Our attorney has nearly four decades of legal experience.

Long Beach attorney Henry B. LaTorraca utilizes effective strategies in litigating trespass, prescriptive easement, boundary and nuisance actions that seek to provide the best available outcome for his clients. He has an exceptional level of experience with these proceedings, and he is widely regarded throughout the California legal community for his effective handling of them. With over 40 years of legal experience, he understands boundary disputes and the paths for resolution.

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