Adult film stars sue each other

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Every industry requires several parties working together to achieve a common goal. Whether the goal is to provide goods and services or ultimately to make money, it is always wise to use a contract to ensure all parties understand their rights and responsibilities and the benefits of being part of the arrangement.

However, even with a contract in place, there can be disagreements and differing interpretations of the stated contract. When this occurs, parties may find themselves in court in order to have the dispute settled. This process can be lengthy, contentious and can spell the end to a working relationship.

Our readers in Long Beach might be interested to hear about a current contract dispute between two adult film stars, one male, the other female. The female star is suing the male star, alleging that he is using footage to which he has no right and has ordered him to cease and desist the use of her images. According to the male star, the female star signed a contract allowing him to use her footage in films he made. He is suing her and requesting a judge find the contract that both parties signed in 2012 to be binding. The female star also posits that the male star has also refused to sign a contract both parties agreed to in July 2013.

It is important that all parties involved both understand and agree to all the terms of contracts to which they will be held. Speaking to a legal professional with experience in contracts before anything is signed is a wise choice. This individual can ensure that the contract is fair and reasonable and possibly lessen the chances of a contract dispute later on.

Source: Source: Courthouse News Service, “Porn Producer Sues Actress Over Rights,” Matt Reynolds, July 8, 2014

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