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Does silence qualify as acceptance of a contract?

Business owners and other residents of California might benefit gaining a more in-depth understanding of contract law and what qualifies as acceptance. In its most basic form, a contract can be described as an agreement between parties that requires an offer, an acceptance and consideration for it to be valid. Contentious issues between the parties typically arise when there is a dispute concerning the existing terms or whether or not the contract is actually legally binding.

Challenging a Zoning Decision

By the authority given under California state law, municipalities have the right to place zoning restrictions on the use of land. Cities use zoning as a tool to control development and plan for future growth. If a zoning decision has affected a person's ownership or use of commercial real estate, however, there are several options to challenge it.

Commercial real estate transactions in California

If you are involved in commercial real estate, you likely know the high rewards and high risk associated with the business. A successful commercial real estate development project may bring substantial compensation and might elevate your reputation in the industry and the community. In contrast, a failed project can lead to financial losses and damaged partnerships. The stakes are high, and it may be beneficial to retain the services of a legal professional who might be able to protect your interests and rights.

California law on unfair business practices

The California legislature has set out clear laws preventing unfair competition in business and guiding the path of those who seek legal recourse after experiencing such practices. Businesses that are found to have been engaged in unlawful, fraudulent or egregiously unfair actions may be subject to strict penalties and forced to pay compensation to the affected parties.

Examining why it is important to get all agreements in writing

Los Angeles businesses may be interested in an article discussing some of the reasons why agreements should be in writing rather than relying on oral contracts or "handshake deals." In the event that there is a disagreement later, much trouble can be avoided by having a written contract.

Creative Solutions for Complex Legal Issues

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