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February 2016 Archives

Commercial real estate market growth may cease in 2016

California investors seeking to deal in commercial real estate should be interested to learn that Morgan Stanley analysts believe price growth will be nonexistent through 2016. In February, real estate experts revealed their prediction that the old 5 percent growth forecast was unlikely to pan out due to a combination of factors.

Real estate investing is not easy money

There are a lot of people who have gotten rich by investing in California real estate. However, success in this field requires a lot of research and a big time commitment. A person who is drawn into real estate investing after hearing about other people's success stories could end up making expensive mistakes.

Landmark says competitor blocked access to popular films

The California motion picture industry is big business throughout the world, and a lawsuit brought by Landmark Cinemas, an exhibitor, claims that it is being kept out of the action. Specifically, it blames Regal Entertainment Group, a significantly larger operator, for preventing Landmark from showing popular films by insisting that movie distributors deal exclusively with Regal.

Commercial real estate buyers must consider many factors

Californians who want to buy commercially-zoned land or buildings have a lot to think about when it comes to determining whether their plans are advisable. Experts say that variances in appreciation rates from one type of investment to the next can determine the profitability of different asset categories, and real estate has unique costs that some other properties might not incur.

Creative Solutions for Complex Legal Issues

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