Breach Of Contract

Contractual Disputes Can Disrupt And Damage Your Long Beach Business

As an entrepreneur or business owner in the Long Beach area, you are focused on the future success of your company. So when a contractual dispute threatens the well-being of your operations, it takes your attention away from the growth of your business. In some cases, feuding parties can come to a resolution without the involvement of legal counsel. But if you find you are not getting the results you are entitled to, the Law Office of Henry B. LaTorraca can help.

Providing Effective Solutions For All Breach Of Contract Matters

Under the direction of attorney Henry B. LaTorraca, the law firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal business litigation matters. As a trial lawyer with more than 40 years of experience, attorney LaTorraca has successfully resolved a significant number of contractual disputes for business clients across industries. With a superior ability to interpret contractual language, attorney LaTorraca is highly adept at securing the necessary evidence to support his clients’ positions.

If you are involved in a breach of contract lawsuit, make sure you have the best attorney on your side; a lawyer equipped with negotiating skills and experience in the courtroom.

The law firm is prepared to help clients resolve a range of contractual disputes, from the straightforward to the highly complex, including those surrounding:

  • Service agreements
  • Purchase orders
  • Unfair competition
  • Real estate contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Commercial property leases
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Partnership agreements
  • Warranty agreements

Likewise, attorney LaTorraca is equipped to resolve contractual disputes involving a variety of legal claims, such as:

  • Breach of contract
  • Interference with contract
  • Interference with contractual advantage
  • Interference with prospective economic advantage
  • Interference with prospective business advantage

Understanding What Is At Stake

Businesses that have been victims of a breach of contract can face significant financial and collateral damages. Likewise, companies wrongly accused of illegal breach can also face substantial damage to their reputation. The law firm understands these concerns and works to help clients assess the cost/benefit of pursuing continued legal action at each stage of the process. In many cases, resolution can be obtained without the need for an actual lawsuit, but attorney LaTorraca is always prepared to file or respond to a suit when it is the best option for getting results.

Contact An Irvine Attorney For Help Resolving Business Disputes

Prospective clients are invited to contact the Southern California law firm at 562-216-2942 or send an email for an initial consultation with a Long Beach contract dispute attorney.