Pursuing Amicable Resolution In Shareholder Dispute Cases

Disputes between shareholders can fracture the very foundation of a business. These disputes often arise when shareholders are dissatisfied with the decisions that are being made by the management or have concerns with the operation of the company as a whole. A prolonged dispute can result in immeasurable harm to the business. It is important that you have representation from a capable attorney from the outset.

The Law Office of Henry B. LaTorraca is a highly respected practice in Long Beach, California, that is widely recognized for the swift and effective resolution of potentially divisive shareholder disputes. Attorney LaTorraca has represented clients in a variety of disputes across different industries. His fundamental understanding of business law and how companies operate allows him to negotiate solutions that all concerned parties can support.

Seeking A Swift And Favorable Resolution To Your Dispute

There is a lot at stake for the company and its shareholders in these disputes, and the outcome can have significant implications for everyone involved. Mr. LaTorraca does not immediately resort to litigation in shareholder dispute cases. Rather, he pursues every available option in an effort to reach an amicable resolution.

When litigation is necessary, however, Mr. LaTorraca utilizes his more than 40 years of experience and persuasive approach to secure positive results for his clients. He prepares every case he accepts as if it is going to trial. Based on his knowledge of the dispute and his client’s stated goals, he builds the most compelling possible argument in support of their position in the matter.

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