Resolving Complex Business Law Disputes And Misrepresentation

In the process of any business, real estate or contract transaction, it is unlawful for either party to conceal or misrepresent facts. Any intentional misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, concealment of material facts, use of misleading statements, or making a promise with no intent of performing it can constitute fraud and may create grounds for legal action. Parties on both sides of these issues have rights that need to be protected, and the assistance of a qualified lawyer can be invaluable.

At the Long Beach Law Office of Henry B. LaTorraca, clients enjoy the benefit of more than 40 years of experience in the resolution of complex business law disputes. Attorney LaTorraca’s proven ability to obtain results for both plaintiffs and defendants in these matters allows him to take a much more proactive approach to protecting his clients’ interests.

Serving Clients Throughout Orange County And Los Angeles County

Whether you feel that you have been harmed because of a material misrepresentation or you need representation to defend yourself against such a claim, attorney LaTorraca has the background and the skill to protect your interests. He has represented California business clients across a wide array of industries in both state and federal court proceedings.

Attorney LaTorraca is sensitive to the potential costs associated with business litigation, and he is diligent in his pursuit of a cost-effective solution that fully protects his clients’ interests. He is a highly respected business litigation attorney, however, and he is prepared for trial at any time alternative dispute resolution fails to provide a satisfactory result.

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