Attaining Results In Insurance Litigation

As a trial lawyer with more than 40 years of experience, attorney Henry B. LaTorraca is able to skillfully advise clients on what their rights are pertaining to bad faith insurance, refusal to defend and refusal to pay issues.

When it comes to protecting your business, the attorney you choose can make the difference between moving forward or closing your doors.

Protecting Your Business Against Bad Faith And Refusal To Defend

Your business insurance policy is a contract between you (your company) and the insurance company. Most contracts emphatically state that if you pay your premiums, then your insurance company is liable for any losses described in your policy. Your insurance company is also required to defend you against policy-related lawsuits.

If your insurance company delays or denies your claim or does not defend you (your company) against a lawsuit, it is possible that you have a viable bad faith or refusal to defend or refusal to pay case.

A contract is an agreement: It sets forth the details as to who is responsible and to what extent when disaster strikes. Your insurance company has a clear obligation to settle claims within the limits of your policy. If your company does not settle and a jury awards an amount higher than what a settlement offer was, it’s quite possible that your insurance provider has acted in bad faith. It is then certainly in the best interest of your company to speak to an attorney.

Established Representation In Bad Faith Cases

Long Beach attorney Henry B. LaTorraca represents business owner policyholders in claims against their own insurance companies. With over 40 years of business litigation experience, he is committed to helping business clients protect their investments.

Attorney LaTorraca brings his vast and substantial business experience to every issue and every client he represents: from sole proprietorships to mid-sized California companies.

Get The Help You Need To Resolve Your Insurance Issue

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