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Real estate market opportunities with e-commerce growth

Cities near major metropolitan areas across the country are benefiting from the boom in e-commerce in a way that is impacting the real estate market. CNBC looks at one such city in California where fulfillment centers for a variety of online businesses are now providing jobs for residents. The infusion of cash into these local economies is proving to be a boon for commercial real estate and could provide a pull for developers.

Commercial real estate market verges on breakdown

Prices and valuations of commercial real estate have soared across many markets, including Los Angeles, and the national averages have grown as a result. However, an author with MarketWatch stated that the end of the national bull market may well be nigh. The Northstar Commercial Partners chief executive and chairman pointed to an increase in vacancies and decrease in rent for office space across several of the largest metropolitan markets. He further noted that a "flurry of activity" is often seen simultaneously and signals the end of the bull run.

Commercial property buyers can't neglect due diligence

Californians who want to purchase property need to do more than simply find good deals. Experts say that it's just as critical to perform due diligence. This entails learning about the land or buildings that they're going to purchase before they finalize the transactions in question. With commercial properties, due diligence also includes aspects like finances.

CRE transactions down after Federal Reserve rate increases

Investors in California and around the country will likely know that the U.S. Federal Reserve increased interest rates on June 14 for the third time in the past several months. The nation's central bank says that the decision to raise rates was taken to stabilize the economy and keep inflation under control, but many financial experts believe that worries over commercial real estate lending may have also played a role.

U.S. real estate and the increase in foreign investors

Real estate investors in California may be interested to know that, according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, there has been an increase in foreign investment in real estate in the United States. In 2016, Florida was a leading destination for international investors, and the investors that that bought and sold the most real commercial real estate for that year were from China.

First quarter commercial property sales down by 18 percent

Commercial property investors and developers in California have generally fared well in recent years, and the markets in gateway cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco have been particularly active. However, a six-year construction boom has created a glut of apartment complexes, office towers and hotels in many parts of the country. Commercial property sales were down by 18 percent in the first quarter of 2017 compared with the same period a year ago, according to Real Capital Analytics. Industry analysts say that a combination of market forces, political uncertainty and more cautious lending practices are to blame.

Commercial real estate pitfalls to avoid

Commercial property values in California and around the country have been enjoying robust growth, but that does not mean that investing in offices, stores, warehouses or restaurants is without risk. Complex real estate deals can be stubbornly difficult to close, and there are a number of pitfalls that can either cause costly delays or derail transactions completely.

Unique advantages of commercial property to investors

For California residents who are seeking a dependable and appreciating return on their investments, real estate has long been among the top choices. Investors are more likely to have a positive experience in the commercial real estate market as opposed to the residential market for a variety of reasons, including the nature of commercial versus residential tenants and historical activity in this market.

California company enters commercial subleasing sector

A California real estate listing service hopes to change the way that commercial properties are subleased. Spacegrab's platform provides prospective tenants with access to properties that require little or no work by allowing tenants to post their existing space online before their leases expire. The Los Angeles-based company's founder says that providing consumers with direct access benefits tenants by allowing them to turn their unused space into a reliable source of income.

Creative Solutions for Complex Legal Issues

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